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IMAP Setup for Microsoft Outlook 2003
Posted by , Last modified by Chris Johnson on 12 October 2015 01:06 PM

IMAP Setup for Outlook 2003

To setup an email account in Outlook 2003, do the following:


1. Open the Tools Menu and select Email Accounts.


2. Select Add a new e-mail account, followed by next.


3. Select IMAP and hit next.


4. Here you will enter the required information for the account to work.


5. You will be greeted with a congratulations page before hitting finish.


6. After finishing the creation of the account you should see a new folder tree in your folder list. Right click the Inbox and you will have an option for IMAP Folders... .



7. You will need to subscribe to any folders you want to use, otherwise they will not be accessible.


8. Once this has been done, you have successfully finished setting your IMAP connection up and are ready to go.

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